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Garrett Bedrosian


     I am a skilled entrepreneur that has worked numerous "Corporate America" jobs ranging from sales of office automation equipment, assistant retail store management, mortgage servicing, and B2B Inside Sales of a commercial credit database.  My passion however, has really always been about working with my hands.  While working my full time jobs I would always look to freelance additional jobs in painting and other avenues. I started getting into home painting about 15 years ago and really enjoyed it with a passion as I found my self researching information ranging from paints, materials, brushes, painting techniques, etc. I found that after completion of my work, the clients were very impressed. This was validated by the comments they made after review of my work. Due to my passion for painting and the positive feed back from the clients through the years, I decided to start Smooth Finish Painting.  My goal is to provide the best quality service for the best price. To that point I want to also insure that all the clients receive a "Smooth Finish" everytime.


  Garrett Bedrosian,
  Owner/Operator, Smooth Finish Painting, LLC

Why Smooth Finish Painting 

                    It is true that repainting a room adds value and investment to your home.  At the very core of our business, we believe in providing the best quality work, materials, and attention to detail so that your dreams become reality.  A painting experience should be fun, exciting, but most importantly...Personal. We utilize the latest paints and coatings from top professional grade manufacturers.  When it comes to equipment, we make sure to use well made brands. Every project from start to finish is prepped in a meticulous manner, ensuring that the outcome is nothing short of excellence.

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